Carpet Repair

Carpet Repair Isn’t Just for Looks

Problems with your carpets can make a beautiful room look unattractive and may even be a safety hazard. Wrinkles, bulges and torn seams can become falling hazards. Often, we can re­seam the tears and stretch out the bulges and wrinkles.

Most carpets can be repaired, however delamination and previous repairs may be an obstacle to repairing your carpet . We will only know whether your carpet can be repaired through close examination.

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Common Carpet Repair Requests:

  • Carpet Bulges – On commercial carpets, bulges are often caused by chairs rolling over the same spot and either loosening the glue or delaminating the carpet.  In residences, where the carpet is usually stretched over padding, it maybe caused by the delaminating of the carpet from its backing, poor installation or the carpet stretching over time. This repair requires close inspection prior to attempting to repair it.
  • Carpet Waves –  Some commercial carpets are loosely, but carefully installed. Waves usually occur in this type of carpet when the carpet is cleaned. The moisture in the carpet expands the fibers causing the carpet to form waves. This will disappear if it is quickly and thoroughly dried.  Residential carpet may form waves due to stretching from use, from furniture being pushed, not lifted, as it is being moved, from poor installation and from the results of carpet wear causing delamination of the backing. When this happens in residential carpets power stretching and re­seaming may solve the problem.
  • Carpet Holes – These used to be mostly caused by cigarette burns. Most holes addressed soon after they appear may be easily solved. When a hole is due to wear, patch or complete replacement may be necessary.
  • Carpet Re-Installation – When your home or business requires water damage restoration we often end up lifting the carpet and removing the wet pad. After the home is dry we reinstall the carpet and new pad, reattaching the carpet to the tack strip and replacing the seam that may have been cut or loosened in the lifting process.

Our carpet repair and re­installation services will assist you in keeping your home business or rental properties in good order and save you money. Our services include the removal of waste left over from the project. Allied Elements will gladly advise you if your carpets can be repaired or need to be replaced. We even have a list of preferred vendors, that we work with and trust, to assist you in the replacement of your carpet if necessary.

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